Iskraemeco receives G3-PLC certification for AM550 smart meters
March 20, 2017

G3-PLC certification for the AM550 smart meter platform was awarded to Iskraemeco end of February by an independant testing facility. G3-PLC is a mature PLC technology based on up-to-date modulation techniques and higher layer protocols such as IPv6 and 6LoWPAN. Smart metering roll-outs based on this cost-effective communication technology are already on their way across Europe.

Certification testing for the smart AM550 meters was implemented by Laboratoire des Applications Numériques, an independent testing facility in France. The laboratory has been selected by the G3-PLC Alliance to run certification programs for G3-PLC technology.

G3-PLC Certification Program includes conformance, interoperability and performance testing. The AM550 conforms to the G3-PLC specifications, is interoperable with various G3-PLC certified devices and exceeds required levels of PLC performance.20

G3-PLC is a stable and reliable technology that uses existing power lines to transfer metering data in a fast and cost-efficient way. The technology is also highly resistant to disturbances and easily adaptable to variable network conditions. Since it uses existing electricity networks for communication, operation and installation costs are extremely low.

March 14, 2017
Opinion regarding article on the influences of disturbances by electrical converters (including LED and energy saving lamps)
The metering industry is legally regulated by the European MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) and published guidelines of the WELMEC organization. In order to create a harmonious and consistent basis for European measurement, the WELMEC organization is supported by various working groups. This includes members from legal authorities, market monitoring authorities, notified bodies, industry, European commissions and consumer organizations to involve all relevant stakeholders.
March 28, 2017
Iskraemeco`s MT880 reliable and highly efficient in toughest conditions
After rigorous testing procedures, implemented by the renowned Spanish testing entity, Tecnalia, Iskraemeco`s MT880 receives a certificate of conformance. Testing of the meter, stricly fitted to specifications set by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) was concluded beginning of January. The country-wide implementation of the MT880 from Iskraemeco`s ICG portfolio began in February.