Iskraemeco simplifying deployments of IoT devices with a programmable SIM card
April 25, 2019

eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) represents a significant evolution when it comes to enabling remote subscription change. The eUICC technology can significantly improve initial connectivity of smart meters in large-scale roll-outs. Utilities will be able to select and change connectivity service providers according to their business model needs.

eUICC will play a significant role for IoT devices with very long life-cycles which are deployed in harsh environments or hard-to-reach locations. Smart meters with embedded programmable SIM cards will enable utilities to change their service provider over-the-air, without physically changing the SIM card on site.

Connectivity is the key element in smart metering/smart grid environments. Besides considerably lowering operational costs, eUICC enables utilities to take advantage of the market dynamics in the form of improved pricing and/or coverage options. It also enables a greater level of flexibility when it comes to choosing the most appropriate mobile operator and implementing future business models.

Iskraemeco smart metering solutions are part of the energy IoT and M2M markets that are growing exponentially. With this in mind, smart solutions need to have the ability to connect instantly and adapt connectivity on the go. With eUICC, smart metering solutions will provide important future-proof part of future energy IoT infrastructure.

February 25, 2019
Iskraemeco with a new, refreshed corporate identity
After a successful transformation into a leading smart metering solution provider, we felt that it was time for a new, revitalised corporate image. We are proud to announce the launch of the new Iskraemeco logo as part of the evolution of our brand identity. The new Iskraemeco corporate image reflects who we are today and symbolizes our growth ambitions and future role in the IoT environment.
June 19, 2019
Iskraemeco managed to successfully transform to a smart metering solution provider
As part of the Elsewedy Electric Group, Iskraemeco managed to successfully transform from a product-oriented business to a smart metering solution provider. Within the ten-years period, the company established itself as the second largest smart metering solutions provider in Europe, Middle East and Africa and has a leading position in Germany and in the Netherlands. To meet rising demand for smart electricity meters, Iskraemeco recently installed a new production line at the company’s headquarters in Kranj.