Iskraemeco sponsors hackathon challenge to foster the development of young innovators
February 27, 2023

As innovation is in our DNA and the key building block of our solutions, we are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Robotics Hackathon “Dnevi industrijske robotike 2023” at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

This event, taking place from March 28th to March 30th, provides students with the opportunity to improve their skills and creativity in the field of robotics, showcase their innovative ideas and compete in a range of challenges.

This year, we are collaborating with the Laboratory of Robotics – Robolab and are excited to present our company and an interesting challenge that addresses the real needs of automating existing production processes, namely the final packaging and sorting of smart energy meters. The Robotics Hackathon provides participants with an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the necessary thought process, planning, and execution of solutions to automate the production process.

As a company that constantly strives to improve and optimize our production lines, we believe in the importance of supporting the development of young minds. The engineers responsible for optimizing production processes possess a wide range of skills, from understanding mechanics and sensors to electronics, robotics, and programming. By sponsoring this event, we hope to encourage and support the next generation of innovators and engineers.

“We are excited to invite young minds, aspiring engineers and innovators, to enhance and deepen their knowledge and skills at Iskraemeco’s challenge,” said Klemen Žbontar, our colleague at Iskraemeco. “The Robotics Hackathon will provide participants with an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the necessary thought process, planning, and execution of production process automation solutions, which is just one piece of the mosaic in the field of production line automation and robotization. “

We encourage all interested students to seize this exciting opportunity and apply for the hackathon by visiting the official website at Don’t miss out on this chance to showcase your creativity, compete in a range of challenges and potentially win a prize!

Iskraemeco is committed to supporting the continued development of young talents and is proud to sponsor events such as the Robotics Hackathon DIR23 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.


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