Iskraemeco will transform the Dutch electricity landscape within a 235 € million smart metering contract
July 10, 2015

The biggest available smart metering contract this year includes development, testing, production and delivery of smart electricity and smart gas meters to four Dutch utilities. Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra manage 70 per cent of the Dutch electricity market. According to contractual obligations, Iskraemeco will deploy up to 2, 5 million smart electricity meters within the five-year rollout plan.

A twelve months tendering period ended on June 25th when the contract for the first smart metering roll-out of this proportion was signed in the Netherlands. Iskraemeco successfully completed all of the prequalification reviews and will deploy a minimum of 1, 6 million smart meters to the four utilities until 2020. Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra manage a network consisting of more than 5 million electricity metering points and 4, 8 million gas connections. First smart meter deliveries are expected to start beginning of 2016.

Dieter Brunner, the CEO of Iskraemeco explains: “Our partnership with Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland represents a major step for us. This truly is a Lighthouse project and once it is finished it will be a landmark achievement for the country. We are honored to be part of this one of a kind project. Most of all we are extremely proud that the four partnering utilities have placed their trust in our people, our capabilities and our product.“

Within the project, the new smart meter from Iskraemeco, the AM550 will play an instrumental role in the introduction of smart metering to the majority of households in the Netherlands. The meter is based on an innovative modular platform and was designed to deliver maximum cost-efficiency. The latter played an important role in utilities’ requirements whose goal was to minimize total cost of ownership. This is achieved by faster and easier installation that decreases operational costs, future-proof modular communication enabling an easy switch between communication technologies and the product`s 20 year technical life-time. The majority of Iskraemeco smart meters will communicate via utilities` private cellular CDMA network, the rest of the meters will use GSM/GPRS.

The so-called SMR5 project is also a great win for end consumers. Iskraemeco smart meters will help them become more aware of the amount and the cost of energy they use. Clear data on energy use will encourage consumers to reduce their usage and consequently save money.

One of the crucial criteria within this nation-wide rollout was participation in the Fair Meter pilot project. Within the project, Iskraemeco will have to achieve certain objectives until 2020, such as lower carbon emissions by 25 per cent, assure full transparency in the complete supply chain, assure responsible working conditions for all employees in the supply chain, … Being part of the Fair Meter pilot project is in line with Iskraemeco`s aspirations for delivering high quality products that support worldwide sustainability policies.

The Netherlands was one of the earliest adopters to propose a mandatory roll-out of smart meters for all electricity and gas consumers. Based on the European Directive on Energy Efficiency and Services, the country is planning to provide smart meters for at least 80 per cent of small scale households until end of 2020. The tendering procedure was based on the small-scale rollout that started in 2012 and within which, Iskraemeco installed more than half million smart electricity meters – the majority of smart meters delivered within this pre-rollout Since Netherlands has a “dual fuel” system in place, Iskraemeco partnered with Flonidan A/S, a Denmark based gas meter provider that is responsible for delivering more than one million smart gas meters by 2020.

This smart metering deployment is the first step towards creating a Smart Grid that will integrate all users (consumers and generators) into a network fostering sustainable, economic and secure energy supply.


July 3, 2015
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