Iskraemeco with a new, refreshed corporate identity
February 25, 2019

After a successful transformation into a leading smart metering solution provider, we felt that it was time for a new, revitalised corporate image. We are proud to announce the launch of the new Iskraemeco logo as part of the evolution of our brand identity. The new Iskraemeco corporate image reflects who we are today and symbolizes our growth ambitions and future role in the IoT environment.

At Iskraemeco we believe that building a brand is a continuous project. People and companies evolve, and so do brands. We have grown our brand over many years through quality products, dedicated employees and loyal customer community. Iskraemeco stands for the high quality and innovative smart metering solutions we always strive to deliver. Despite this change our commitment to serving our customers and partners to the best of our ability remains the same.

The modernised Iskraemeco identity reflects the core advantages and values of our brand: efficiency, commitment and accountability, sustainability, security, innovation, people, quality and customer care.

The story behind the new logo is quite simple. Our goal was to combine Iskraemeco`s main assets – professional knowledge, extensive experience, innovativeness, sustainability and circularity – in a single symbol. The basis for the new logo were the IE initials. We added a circle as a symbol of eternity, timelessness, cyclical movement, recycling and sustainability. In line with our core business, a symbol of metering was central to the new logo concept. And finally, since innovation has always been a trait that Iskraemeco employees have been known for, this quality is represented in the logo by the graphic symbol for an idea.

January 16, 2019
Iskraemeco reaches another milestone by delivering 1.5 million smart meters to Dutch customers
Dutch utilities are among early adopters of smart metering systems featuring a dual-fuel solution. The first installations of Iskraemeco’s smart meters began in 2012 with the delivery of 500,000 DSMR2.2 smart meters. In December 2018, the millionth Iskraemeco smart meter was delivered to four utilities involved in the SMR5 project. The project is even more interesting because it is based on applying a sustainability approach to metering.
April 25, 2019
Iskraemeco simplifying deployments of IoT devices with a programmable SIM card
eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) represents a significant evolution when it comes to enabling remote subscription change. The eUICC technology can significantly improve initial connectivity of smart meters in large-scale roll-outs. Utilities will be able to select and change connectivity service providers according to their business model needs.