Iskraemeco with a new release of SEP2W System
September 15, 2016

SEP2W Head-End system is a modular and scalable software solution for automated collection and processing of smart metering data. The newest release includes expanded data security mechanisms and user interface enhancements that make the product easy to use. With these perfected functionalities, utilities will be able to bring their customer support to a higher level.

The upgraded SEP2W System 2016 now fosters a higher level of communication security between the meter and the system by introducing several new security mechanisms (asymmetric cryptography). The software is backward compatible on all levels so there is no need to exchange the entire installed meter population in order to retrieve data from previous meter versions to perform billing.

Since metering data can now be imported remotely, there is no room for error and no manual data input. This optimizes and speeds up related business processes. Working with the newest SEP2W System version saves the operator`s precious time. Instead of manual configuration of registers, device templates are created. When a reading is triggered, all the requested registers and Event logs are created automatically. Managing devices within the system is now even more simplified. When a parameter is changed on the device template, all the devices get synchronised and updated.

SEP2W System 2016 is available in three versions, Basic, Professional and Enterprise. The software`s modular design allows utilities to customize their systems by utilising the modules they truly need and in turn minimize costs. This flexible licensing model is designed to support various utility needs in future business models.

July 4, 2016
Slovakia on its way to smart metering with Iskraemeco smart meters
Slovakia has set a detailed smart metering plan to fulfil the EU requirements in the area of energy efficiency by 2020. The country`s goal is to install around one million smart meters that will enable utilities to perform demand response and allow consumers to better manage their energy consumption. Distribution system operators have already started the process of exchanging electromechanical meters with smart technology.
October 3, 2016
Iskraemeco and Croatian HEP ODS join forces in smart grid implementation
Croatia started with the modernisation of its electricity distribution network. Iskraemeco smart metering solution, consisting of smart meters and SEP2W Head-End are vital components of the planned smart grid transition. Cooperation with the sole utility in Croatia, HEP ODS (Hrvatska Elektroprivreda - Operator distribucijskog sustava d.o.o.) that manages a network of 2.3 million metering points is a successful business model enabling optimisation of the Croatian network.