Iskraemeco’s MiniLAB test chamber
April 20, 2020

Iskraemeco’ MiniLAB 6GHz OTA is the only test system of such specifications in South-Eastern part of Europe.

System enables OTA measurements execution with rapid pace and high measurement accuracy, including critical low power sensitivity measurements. The main advantages are on-time and on-site testing capabilities, which Iskraemeco can now perform independently, without having to send products to remote laboratories across the Europe (France, Germany, Spain, etc.). This gives us competitive advantage over other manufacturers.

In 2019 we began setting up a dedicated area for the MiniLAB test system which was installed, calibrated and tested at the start of 2020. The designated area is fully renovated and includes EMP shielding (Faraday cage).

The MiniLAB test system is certified to support RF communication performance in range 650 MHz to 6 Ghz. However, our past tests show that system can also be used for CDMA 450 MHz testing.

MiniLAB system employs multi-probe technology for a full spherical radiation characterization of the tested device. This allows us to analyse the antennae radiation of the communication module in our energy meters from early development stages on.

April 9, 2020
Iskraemeco has successfully entered the “Go Live” stage with Egyptian Canal Distribution Company
Iskraemeco and Canal Distribution Company are transforming the electricity distribution network into a smart metering environment. Iskraemeco’s smart solution consists of 50,000 smart meters for residential and industrial applications and a Head-End System for meter data collection and management.
May 12, 2020
A new issue of ENGAGE newspaper
Iskraemeco's newspaper ENGAGE is available in two editions, for all our employees and also for our customers and partners.