Launch of the »Position Paper: Fair Competition in the energy sector«
January 5, 2021

We are pleased to announce that ESMIG has launched the »Position Paper; Fair Competition in the energy sector«.

Iskraemeco was the initiator of the Task Force on Fair Competition within ESMIG, where we undertook to write a “Position on Fair Competition in the Energy Sector” and to engage in proactive discussions and lobbying with the authorities and officials of the European Commission. Under Iskraemeco’s leadership, an agreement was reached with all member companies and the document was approved by the ESMIG Executive Board.

ESMIG members are committed to fair and transparent competition, which should take into account the specificities of strategically important infrastructures; and for that purpose, they have prepared the proposals how to achieve fairness in the Energy sector. The situation as it is now risks incurred and propositions for solutions are described in the attached document.

Mojca Markizeti, Head of Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Iskraemeco: »No need to say that competition is a driver of technology, development and progress, but only when ensuring true international fair level playing field. This comes to even greater importance when we are talking about mission-critical infrastructures, where unfair competition can very fast lead to the risk of technology deficit, in the era of digitalization it brings the risk of data security and sovereignty, leads to increased dependence and compromises Europe’s strategic autonomy. In the context of growing protectionism in other world regions, Europe needs to review and adapt its trade policy«.

December 23, 2020
Healthy, happy and successful 2021!
Together, we create new stories and business successes! We wish you that the upcoming year will be marked with new opportunities, noble deeds and wonderful moments.
January 12, 2021
Iskraemeco makes a bold entrance in Belgium by transforming its grid with an Energy IoT solution
Iskraemeco, one of the leading smart metering solution providers, and Arewal, a grid-operator servicing the area in the south-east of Brussels, Belgium, have joined forces to transform Arewals’s electricity network with a complete flexible smart metering solution that manages big data and incorporates new Energy IoT technologies that meet sustainable requirements.