Luis Goncalves, CEO of Iskraemeco Group, appointed as new President of ESMIG
January 12, 2023

We are excited to announce the appointment of Luis Goncalves, CEO of Iskraemeco Group, as the next President of ESMIG.

Luis is already an active member of ESMIG’e Executive Committee, having served as its vice president for the past six months. His first thoughts as ESMIG President were:

“ESMIG is an association that represents European industry and European countries in supporting critical infrastructure to manage the current and long-term challenges in the energy sector. We are committed to supporting the association in achieving its objectives and collaborating with authorities and other members to build reliable and sustainable infrastructure in Europe.”

ESMIG is an important European organization that supports the energy industry, governments, and communities of the European Union by managing and safeguarding mission-critical infrastructures. The Executive Committee, under the leadership of the President, is handling operational challenges to maintain the Association’s smooth operation, as well as playing a strategic role in directing ESMIS’s work plan, activities, and goals. This collaboration ensures that ESMIG continues to support a clean, fair, and smart European energy transition that contributes to the creation of a competitive energy market through the development of architectures and open standards that permit the efficient implementation and integration of new energy management technologies and services.

The energy business is undergoing a massive transformation and plays an essential role in addressing the climate crisis. In the last two decades, much has been said, but few actions have been taken. Each of us has not only a duty but also a responsibility to act for the prosperity of the whole society. No future exists without change, commitment, and stakeholder participation. Digital technology and demand response are today’s vital areas for the transformation of the energy industry. And smart meters, as well as data-based services and solutions, are necessary because they can significantly contribute to energy security and affordability while fostering a greener, more consumer-centric system. The moment has come to unleash the tremendous potential of energy data. With smart energy solutions already in place, we are now ready and able to respond to the needs of the energy transition while having a positive impact on savings and consumer costs.

Iskraemeco, ESMIG and all stakeholders must support and promote European energy economy to overcome current challenges, ensure reliable and sustainable infrastructure, and keep up with the demands of a changing world. While dealing with massive amounts of sensitive data, we must accelerate the development of an energy environment that renders energy greener, more affordable, and more reliable. Simultaneously, we strive to establish a fair playing field for collecting, storing, and using data responsibly to protect individuals’ privacy.


January 11, 2023
Slovenian Ambassador Mateja Vodeb Ghosh visits Iskraemeco India in Kolkata
On Monday, January 9, we hosted Slovenian Ambassador Mateja Vodeb Ghosh from the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in New Delhi, India. The Indian management team of Iskraemeco welcomed her for a visit to the Technology Design Center and a discussion on various interesting topics.
January 13, 2023
Symbiot - new add-ons and advanced functionalities
Symbiot is available with add-ons and advanced functionalities to serve a variety of business cases. Our HES collects data from multiple sources and incorporates the meter agnostic approach. For our MDM, has the ability to analyze data from multiple sources as well and prepare it for higher-level systems.