New final assembly and laboratory in Argentina
April 14, 2021

Iskraemeco s.r.l. continues with its operations in the LATAM region, expanding the scope of its commercial activity to include productive processes such as final assembly and testing in its own laboratory of all the
MT174, MT880-M, ME152-1 and AM550 meters marketed in Argentina.

With this initiative, Iskraemeco LATAM will be able to improve the delivery times of its meters. The objective is to allow our customers to request orders with deliveries within 30 days after receipt. This offer is unique in the regional market.

Through a flexible and optimized inventory management strategy with pre-configured meters, local operations will be able to configure each delivery batch by customers and models in a much shorter time than now. Reducing the number of variants of our products improves costs and eliminates shipping delays or additional air freight costs.

For this project, Iskraemeco s.r.l. has already rented a space in the Technological District of the City of Buenos Aires where a laboratory will be set up in accordance with the ISO 17025 standards, a warehouse for products and an area for customers who visit us to carry out inspections. The aim is to have the on-site operations up and running in June 2021, which will allow us to guarantee the sales targets of the second half of the year with better delivery times for our customers. This first phase will then allow an expansion of operation to other cross-border markets such as Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

April 1, 2021
Continuous success of conquering the Croatian market through smart metering implementations
Croatia continues its grid renovation and modernization efforts relying on Iskraemeco for smart devices, AM550 meters, AC750 concentrators and the advanced software SEP2W head-end system.
April 21, 2021
Transforming electricity grid in Abu Dhabi
The new project is all about modernizing the electricity network in Abu Dhabi. Two of Abu Dhabi's electricity distributors - ADDC- Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and AADC - Al Ain Distribution Company; have created a joint committee for the 2-year procurement process to purchase the most advanced smart metering devices, to upgrade their electrical network.