North Cyprus goes completely smart with Iskraemeco smart meters
July 3, 2015

North Cyprus is just moments away from having its entire electricity infrastucture equiped with smart meters. Cooperation between KIB-TEK and Iskraemeco on smart metering projects started already in 2009. Last month, the two companies signed a new contract for delivering another volume consisting of 64.000 smart meters. This smart metering transition will provide consumers with more control over power usage, modernize the grid and have a significant impact on the efficiency of electricity supply.

When the smart metering deployment is complete, nearly 120.000 Iskraemeco smart meters will form a part of the new smart network. With this roll out, North Cyprus is taking a huge leap towards achieving its goal to gradually replace the entire meter population consisting of 170.000 endpoints with smart technology. It will also be one of the few European countries that have fulfilled EU directives.

Gradual transition to smart metering began in 2009 when the first few thousand meters were deployed and installed by Iskraemeco, providing a quick return on investment through a significant decrease of losses. The project was divided into four phases within which Iskraemeco provided the majority of smart meters along with the meter management system. With the delivery of the 64.000 smart meters, this smart metering transition will be complete. So far, KIB-TEK was able to lower commercial losses to below 3 per cent. This has increased utilities` profit rate and enables investments in other areas, such as power generation.

KIB-TEK chose smart meters with GSM/GPRS communication due to the high efficiency of wireless communication compared to other communication technologies. Iskraemeco smart meters are equipped with an internal circuit breaker that enables the utility to remotely connect or disconnect an individual meter from the network. This way, KIB-TEK will be able to bring the number of service disconnections and related field visits to a minimum and consequently lower their operational costs.

Together with smart meters, the newest version of Iskraemeco meter management software, SEP2W, has already been integrated into the utilities` IT infrastructure. SEP2W Head-end system enables KIB-TEK to efficiently process and validate daily energy data collected from smart meters. The optimized system now collects metering data from the entire smart meter base and will be integrated into the utilities CMS system. With a dedicated web portal that will follow in the future, consumers will have full access into their consumption data at any time.

Saffet ASIKSOY, Director of AMM system at Kibtek, about the utilities` cooperation with Iskraemeco: “We started working with Iskraemeco on smart metering projects in 2008. What convinced us was the quality of the products and the vast experience the company has in smart metering projects. Despite the challenges we were facing during implementation we were able to resolve them quickly and efficiently with the help of the dedicated support staff from Iskraemeco.”


October 24, 2014
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July 10, 2015
Iskraemeco will transform the Dutch electricity landscape within a 235 € million smart metering contract
The biggest available smart metering contract this year includes development, testing, production and delivery of smart electricity and smart gas meters to four Dutch utilities. Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra manage 70 per cent of the Dutch electricity market. According to contractual obligations, Iskraemeco will deploy up to 2, 5 million smart electricity meters within the five-year rollout plan.