Choose from a wide array of advanced products for home and industry that can all be connected to smart grids and application. Ever more recycled materials and a 20-year lifespan make for meters that were built sustainably and built to last.

Residential Smart Meters

Interoperable devices for immediate connection to smart grids and smarter utility companies. Several models cover all application topologies and ensure that your data flows freely and securely. These premium meters are industrial strength, but designed especially for residential needs.

Compactly designed single-phase multifunction meter

With a lightweight and compact design, the ME172 is perfectly fitted for residential and small commercial applications.

Perfect combination of high functionality and economic viability

The Polyphase MT174 features an RS communication interface that enables automated meter reading and readies the meter for use in AMI systems.

"Smart grid ready" modular meter

This next generation smart meter, with an innovative platform approach enables seamless integration of next generation smart metering functions into the smart grid.

Compactly designed residential meter

The MT176 is an alternative solution following German MS2020 specifications. It enables effortless integration of the Smart meter Gateway module in the meters` housing without additional modifications.

Plug-in intelligent meter (eHZ)

This three-phase electricity meter was developed especially for the German market and for use in residential and smaller commercial applications.

Modular smart meter with DIN connection (3.HZ)

This accurate and reliable electricity meter is an ideal solution for households and smaller commercial environments.

ICG smart meters

The sturdiest, smartest, most reliable meters for precise data in real-time. Make the right decisions with the confidence of unparalleled power quality monitoring and seamless connectivity to supervisory systems. Modularity and flexibility further round out these extraordinary industrial meters.

High precision integrated meter

Iskraemeco MT880 is a precision multi-functional meter ideally suited for large and mid-size commercial and industrial applications.

Prepayment meters

Our Smart Prepayment solution integrates Vending system with AMI Infrastructure. It realizes such functions as: remote prepayment, meter reading, remote control, etc. It adopts advanced communication and metering technologies to measure, detect, collect, manage and analyse energy data automatically.

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STS Prepayment meters

The standard STS prepayment meters are multi-function meters complying with STS protocol, customer purchases energy before consumption in a form of token. The smart STS Prepayment meters are customized to the international prepaid AMI market supporting local and remote configurations. The Three phase CT operated Prepayment meter was designed to meet the requirements of the commercial customers, in addition to the STS functions the meter can display primary and secondary values providing data in a high precision accuracy class.




Great meters in smart, modernized utility grids of the future are just the start. The data they collect must then be communicated, as quickly, accurately, and securely as possible, to a central exchange. Iskraemeco’s tools and accessories turn data into meaningful communication.

Gateways & Data concentrators

Data concentrators and gateways are crucial components in any advanced metering infrastructure. With flexibility and a broad range of potential communication options supported, these products consolidate and direct bidirectional data flows.

Innovative platform with state-of-the-art modular hardware and software

The AC750 G3-PLC gateway/data concentrator is a future-proof investment for the smart grid. This communication device is based on an innovative platform, connecting Head-End-System with electricity meters.

Communication modules

Any truly smart metering solution must foresee the interoperability of communications systems and predict future grid developments. With options for Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, PLC, PSTN, RF, and more, our modules work great in any environment.

Modular communication module supporting multiple communication technologies.
Communication module with CS and RS485 interface
MODBUS modem via TCP/IP and RTU
Ethernet modem with RS485 communication interface
3G modem with RS485 communication interface
2G modem with RS485 communication interface

Tools and Accessories

Comprehensive providers are bound to produce some products that are difficult to pigeonhole. Our tools and accessories are just that, with a variety of indispensable gadgets that make it much easier to deploy, install, and maintain metering systems.


The ZO3 is a polyphase plug-in switching device with optional integrated surge protection for local or/and remote disconnection and reconnection of electric power to consumers. It forms a unit together with a three-phase meter.


An antenna coupler that enables connection of an external GSM/GPRS/UMTS antenna to ME/MT382 meters.


An antenna coupler that enables connection of an external GSM/GPRS antenna to ME/MT372 meters and P2G communicators.

Sonda 6

An optical probe for communication with various meters, tariff devices and communication products. Sonda 6 is designed to enable meter readout also in a no-power state.

Sonda 5

An optical probe for communication with various meters, tariff devices and communication products.


Data streams are meaningless without powerful tools to manage and analyze them. Our specialized software platform and extensive program suite were built from our decades of experience. Our experts will happily help you maximize your data.

System Software

SEP2W System
SEP2W is a powerful tool for automatic collection and processing of smart metering data.

SEP2W is a powerful tool for automatic collection and processing of smart metering data. Modular and scaleable, it features an exhaustive array of head-end (HES) and basic meter data management (MDM) functions. With seamless integration into your current IT infrastructure, you are just a few clicks away from the most comprehensive and intuitive software suite a utility can use.