Raising the bar in non-utility projects
August 31, 2012

Vodafone, the mobile communications giant and Iskraemeco, the smart metering provider share a commitment to operate their businesses in an environmentally friendly manner. As a result, the companies joined forces in a project promoting the very same idea by optimizing Vodafone`s energy management processes in Germany. The effects brought about by cooperation can be set as an example in future endeavors in supporting sustainability policies elsewhere.

Vodafone is one of the largest and most modern telecommunications providers in Europe. Vodafone Germany, a part of the Vodafone Group, is a one-stop innovative and integrated technology and service provider with a portfolio including mobile communications, fixed network telephony, internet and broadband data services for business and private customers. The entire Vodafone Group stands out from the crowd because of their declared commitment to reduce their CO2 consumption and improve their overall energy efficiency.

An important step in sustainability promotion was equipping their mobile and fixed network base stations, numerous branches and offices with Iskraemeco smart electricity meters. The smart metering technology forms an important part of Vodafone`s sustainability policy and has already optimized numerous electricity tariff models and achieved significant cost reductions. “Smart metering makes our energy consumption transparent and it is the basis for further effective energy efficiency measures. It is helping Vodafone to considerably reduce its power consumption. Smart metering doesn’t just enhance a company’s efficiency; it also reflects our strong commitment to sustainability. Vodafone is setting an excellent example with its smart metering project,” explained Hartmut Kremling, CTO at Vodafone Germany. With the installation of 24.000 smart meters, this undertaking is currently the biggest non-utility project in Germany in the field of smart metering.

Due to a widespread and ever growing operational network, energy costs are an expensive and increasing burden for a mobile operator. For a company this size its own energy management system brings along technology improvements and produces significant energy savings. Smart electricity meters from Iskraemeco, installed at different locations across Germany are the driving force behind these improvements. The smart meters provide a detailed consumption report on a daily basis through remote meter reading. This way, Vodafone operates with transparent figures regarding electricity consumption and can therefore optimize its electricity purchasing according to actual requirements. The smart meter technology enables prompt technology readjustment if conspicuous deviations at individual base stations are recorded. Professional installation and integration of meters, implementation of data management and billing systems in this case was carried out by Deutsche Bahn Kommunikationstechnik GmbH and Heinz Lackmann GmbH & Co. KG.

Further steps that will foster additional energy savings are already on the way. With a 13 percent reduction in energy costs at Vodafone, this project truly is a promoter of environmental efforts and sustainability policies at respective companies. The merger of smart metering solutions from Iskraemeco and Vodafone communication technology is the key to optimize overall business efficiency at companies and utilities that are advocates of contemporary sustainability policies. More about: Handelsblatt.


January 13, 2013
Iskraemeco introduces smart metering to Manchester Airport
Iskraemeco successfully delivered the first part of the smart metering package to one of the busiest airports in the UK - Manchester Airport, in order to support its migration process to smart metering. Smart meters, based on PLC communication combined with software from cooperating partners – CTS and Schneider Electric, now enable accurate and transparent billing that forms the basis for efficient energy management.