Reaffirming the excellent partnership and collaboration between Iskraemeco and Lackmann
January 18, 2023

We are extremely delighted to reaffirm the excellent partnership and collaboration between ISKRAEMECO and Lackmann for the past 50 years.

Both companies are extremely dedicated to promoting innovation and reliability, as well as driving and developing sustainable services. Together, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for strengthening and modernizing energy infrastructure in Germany.

By focusing on the digital grid as the foundation of a successful energy transition, we ensure that our electricity supply stays secure and affordable.





January 13, 2023
Symbiot - new add-ons and advanced functionalities
Symbiot is available with add-ons and advanced functionalities to serve a variety of business cases. Our HES collects data from multiple sources and incorporates the meter agnostic approach. For our MDM, has the ability to analyze data from multiple sources as well and prepare it for higher-level systems.  
January 18, 2023
Launch event | "Digital Twin for Digital Lean" project - digital solutions for optimizing business processes
Iskraemeco organized a launch event and a press conference for the "Digital Twin for Digital Lean" project on January 17. Together with its consortium partners, Iskraemeco has received a subsidy worth 5.4 million euros for a digitalization project under which they will optimize internal processes using lean strategies based on lean data analysis services. The project is of key importance to the development of all companies in the project “Digital Twin for Digital Lean”.