Smart Water Metering & Billing
A cost-efficient approach to remote meter reading, providing accurate billing, enhancing customer service, and cutting operational costs. The solution implementation will make the water management process significantly faster, safer, and more reliable.
Actively monitor and dynamically optimize your water network to better serve your customers.

Solution’s benefits:

Accurate and consistent billing, using actual meter reads rather than estimates.

Better operations by eliminating time-consuming manual meter reading.

Customer awareness and improved consumer service, providing access for customers to the detailed meter, tariffs and prices data.

Harnessing data into meaningful insights to enhance utility performance, planning, customer service, and revenue collection process.

Solution portfolio

Iskraemeco provides a wide range of communication solutions that can be utilized for designing different meter reading systems:

  • Automatic Meter Reading – AMR, utilizing mobile meter reading via wM-Bus (OMS).
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure – AMI, utilizing meter reading via low-power wide-area networks (LoRaWAN™ or NB-IoT).
  • A combination of the AMR and AMI meter reading approaches.
Water meters

Our water meters portfolio is combined from an array of smart coordinated meters:

  • Residential water meters (single jet, multi-jet, volumetric, ultrasonic).
  • Industrial & Commercial (Bulk) meters (ultrasonic, Woltmann, electromagnetic).
  • Submetering (Single jet, single jet cartridge water meters, single-jet water meters, coaxial concentric connections).

All the water meters are equipped with communication modules. Communication modules are available as „add-on“ or „external“modules:

  • wM-BUS (OMS) 868MHz for Walk-by/Drive-by.
  • wM-BUS 169MHz for fixed reading.
  • LoRaWAN™.
  • NB-IoT.

Each module has a battery lifetime of more than 10 years and IP68 protection.

Automated meter reading

Iskraemeco offers meter reading solutions where the data collection process is automated, manual readings are eliminated, and the collected data provide an insight into the water supply network status, in order to: identify issues in operation processes, detect water leakages, acquire battery status information from water meters,  detect illegal connection or unauthorized consumption.

  • Fixed meter reading (LoRaWAN™ & NB-IoT)
  • Walk-by / Drive-by (wM-Bus (OMS))
SYMBIOT WATER: Software Suite for Smart Water

The SYMBIOT Water software suite consists of five applications:

      • Symbiot Smart Metering Platform.
      • NB-IoT device management center.
      • LoRaWAN™ network management center.
      • Data visualization and analytics.
      • Customer portal and app.

Each app can be used as stand-alone or in combination with other products depending on the requirements.

Managed services

As water utilities increasingly evolve into subscription-based business models, our Smart Water solution is a perfect tool to fit the trend. We excel at water solutions from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to more comprehensive service agreements of Smart Metering-as-a-Service (SMaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS).

Subscription based models solve the following challenges:

  • Minimize risks (costs, technology, human resources).
  • Cost optimisation (economies of scale, predictability, pay as you need).
  • Investment protection (evolving operation environment).
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