Bringing intelligence to energy
In an ever-changing world, exciting new possibilities are always just around the corner. Synchronizing our actions with our customers and partners brings us one step closer to an active grid where devices make decisions and take actions in real time.
Smart City

Building a Better Tomorrow

Urban Data, Human Response.
A Smart City is an environment of connected buildings and infrastructure that provide data. Those data are collected, processed, and converted into added value for city workers and citizens alike.

Digital Grid

Empower the grid of the future

Giving you the information and tools you need to make precise choices about your energy use. The Digital Grid is designed to maximize transparency and reliability of the energy supply chain.

Smart Water

Ensuring water keeps flowing for future generations

Every Last Drop – For a secure water future. Every drop of water is precious for us, for the planet, and for the future of life as we knows it. Join Iskraemeco in ensuring that water keeps flowing for all the generations to come.

Energy IoT

Data leading to a better life

Powerful technology that helps you provision, manage, and automate all your connected devices.

Smart Prepayment

Bill as You Go, with Real-Time Data

A system of real-time sensors and data analysis to streamline utility billing.