Core Components
INNOVATION, SECURITY and CONNECTIVITY are the three core components embedded into our business mentality.
Driving force behind our business decisions

Smart cities, smart grids, cutting-edge technologies and new work methods require a different way of thinking and an innovative approach to the challenges facing the metering industry. With the rapidly changing market conditions, we need to keep up with the new trends and make quick decisions that are deliberate and strategic.

components embedded into our business mentality.


Digital transformation and the Internet of Things bring new
and ever-changing technologies and processes, challenging
us to innovate and adapt our business and work practices.

Information security is a major concern in the digital era. As a solution provider, Iskraemeco is continually integrating and upgrading multilevel end-to-end security across the entire communication chain, focusing the attention of the entire organization on this important issue.

Continuously adapted to evolving customer needs, security
is at the core of all layers and components of our smart metering solutions. We deliver a complete metering and data environment operating like a secure union, for which we have developed a key management system that is the heart of Iskraemeco’s security infrastructure.


Connectivity is an essential feature of all our solutions. Our
products and services are able to operate within any existing
protocol and any existing connection technology.
We are able to tailor our solutions to comply with third party
systems and grids. Our products support exchangeable
communication modules, which can implement various
communication technologies that are abstracted on
an application level.


Our team’s innovative spirit is the driving force of progress
and a vital element of our business development. Innovation
and the generation of ideas are essential components
of our corporate culture, supporting long-term vision, strategic
thinking and competitive edge. Cooperation within
the team as well as with our partners, external professionals
and all stakeholders is our ticket to a successful implementation
of new ideas that help us bring new and improved
products and services to life.