eMobility Solution
Intelligent e-mobility for better grid stability and unified payment ability
Our eMobility Solution combines public or private charging station infrastructure, software, and simple payment options into one e-mobility power system.
Go Green. Be Smart.

We have taken up the challenge to make e-mobility intelligent by improving grid stability, energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Iskraemeco eMobility is a holistic solution equipped with all the features that stakeholders in the eMobility environment need for efficient and stable operation.


The e-mobility market is on the rise with growing consumer demand and quickly expanding infrastructures.

Iskraemeco’s eMobility solution connects every stakeholder, from car users, energy retailers, distribution, and transmission system operators to charging station owners.

Creating a stable and maintained grid that protects the infrastructure and charging stations for electric cars, supports a unified payment gateway, optimizes energy use, and reduces carbon emissions

eMobility Solution Portfolio

Our eMobility solution is applicable on practically every layout, be it business or commercial areas, public parking lots or roads, filling stations or roadways, or residential or industrial spaces

  • Charging stations in business & commercial areas
  • Charging stations at public locations
  • Charging stations at filling stations & roadways
  • Charging stations in residential & industrial spaces
eMobility Solution Architecture

As an e-mobility service provider we created a comprehensive e-mobility solution that is built on our powerful software suite Symbiot and various types of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. It leverages dynamic load protection and load balancing technology, which ensure electric vehicle charging stations always stay online, regardless of grid stability.


  • Dynamic load protection and load balancing technology
  • A full range of charging stations for electric cars for private and public use in large or small areas
  • DC meters, EMS meters
  • Serviceable to all types of vehicles


Software suite Symbiot

  • Gathers, analyses and predicts data about charging stations for electric cars
  • Allows various types of operational optimization, security, and cost optimization

Payment support

  • Reliable, safe, contactless, and easy payment solutions for users, charging station owners, and grid operators
  • A unified payment gateway that simplifies the operation of charging stations

Protection and optimization

Guaranteed dynamic, intelligent load balancing, overload protection, and charging priority selection

eMobility Benefits
Friendly to car users

A simple plug & charge with no hustle

Easy system for charging reservations

Charge anywhere and anytime

Safe and reliable payment

Charging prioritization

Customized preferences

Easy roaming

Easy mobile application management

Simple for distribution system & transmission systems operators

CP consumption, feeder load
Tertiary control with demand & response functions
Billing data
Retailer integration
Integration of billing system

Useful for energy traders & retailers

Balance group management
Consumption forecasting
Dynamic loading/unloading
Optimization of the balancing group to current and future market prices
Priority charging
Dynamic billing