ENLIT Africa 2022
New Solutions, New Products, New Technologies! You can experience all this when you visit Iskraemeco at the Enlit Africa.
Iskraemeco has a diversified portfolio that connects the dots and transforms your customers’ needs into comprehensive and innovative solutions: Energy IoT, Digital Grid, Smart Water, Prepayment, and SYMBIOT software suite.
Iskraemeco is bringing its innovation and versatile solutions to Enlit Africa 2022

Iskraemeco will strike a scene by introducing its new product series,
as well as the latest technology enhancements, to its extraordinary new software platform.

Our top-tier experts with decades of experience will gladly share their knowledge in Cape Town
at the most important event in the industry – ENLIT AFRICA 2022, from June 7
th to June 9th.

Meet Iskraemeco Team at Hall 2, B105a



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Take a look into the Iskraemeco booth:

eMobility Solution for public areas, gas stations and private charging with a simple and reliable payment solution.

Iskraemeco can provide a holistic eMobility solution assuring fast and stable charging stations, software, and payment solutions.

Iskraemeco will also have s speaking slot – LIVE DEMO presentation:

Title: Development of efficient and stable operations in the emobility environment

When & Where: Tuesday, 7 June at14:10 in the Generation, Transmission and Distribution Hub (Hub 3)

Digital grid

The solution is designed for interaction between tailor-made components and services to meet tomorrow’s needs:

  • Hardware: Smart meters and communication devices installed at all points of the grid network, from generation to consumption
  • Software: Head End Service for smart metering, alarms and event reporting. Meter Data Management service for analytics
  • Services for solution implementation.
Smart Water

Analyse water consumption, anticipate demand, collect revenue and optimise costs with 3 holistic solutions: Smart metering & billing, Active leakage detection, and Smart prepayment.

The solution package consists of coordinated smart meters with communications and the SYMBIOT software suite for metering, data management, billing, customer engagement, and network optimization.

It provides utilities with a sustainable financial and technical operation with better control over the water network.

Energy IoT

Energy IoT platform provides customers with more flexibility and faster development of new features to improve energy efficiency, increase renewables, reduce environmental impacts and introduce new technologies required by smart energy systems (smart grid, smart cities, e-mobility, …).

With our fully integrative software suite SYMBIOT we can cover data exchange with connected field devices and provide integration interfaces to our customers’ enterprise systems.


Our smart prepayment solution integrates the sales system with AMI infrastructure for remote prepayment and meter reading, remote control, etc.

It adopts advanced communication and metering technologies to automatically measure, detect, collect, manage and analyze energy data.

Iskraemeco’s STS Prepayment meters are multi-function meters complying with STS and DLMS/COSEM protocols.

Symbiot software suite

Symbiot is a future-proof software suite that enables easy, highly secure and automated management of any utility, based on real-time data processing.

Symbiot consists of three main applications, Head-end-system, Meter Data Management and FieldAssist, which are tailored to meet specific needs.

Additional modules can be integrated: NB-IoT & LoRaWAN management centres, data visualisation and analytics, billing, customer portal and application.