IoT Platform
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Powerful technology that helps you provision, manage, and automate all your connected devices.
IoT platforms are a form of middleware, or several layers of technology that connect a series of devices, no matter how diverse in form, function, or protocol.

For our customers, IoT platforms mean a set of ready-to-use features that streamline fast development applications for connected devices, and that ensure scalability and cross-device compatibility.

Hardware linked within an IoT platform reacts instantly to user applications (or other devices), and the platform manages all interactions between the hardware and various application layers. This means users can manage vast arrays of systems within a simple, intuitive interface.

Some of an IoT platform’s primary tasks include data collection from multiple devices over different protocols and network topologies, remote device configuration and control, device management, and over-the-air firmware updates.

Useful IoT platforms are expected to support integration with as many sensors and devices as possible, while still providing a standardized API for higher-level applications (ERP, MDM, Billing, etc.). Iskraemeco uses IoT platforms to facilitate the development of tailored solution for our customers.

  • Multiple systems to handle different sensors
  • High manual and material cost for maintenance
  • Specific training required to handle all the systems
  • Poor connections between multiple systems
  • Low levels of transparency and oversight
  • No single dashboard or user interface
  • New data streams lead to new insights
  • Customized applications process convert data to added value
  • More precise analysis streamlines and optimizes processes
  • All devices are managed through a single, intuitive dashboard
  • Coupled with the Smart City concept, an IoT platform comprises part of a complete, integrated solution
  • One central point of data collection
  • All sensors in one single system
  • Less effort expended on training
  • Higher level of automation
  • Transparent view of data on one dashboard
  • Extraordinary analytic capacity


Analytics – Tools to statistically analyze data and inform decisions, and to extrapolate new information for use in higher-level applications.

Open API – An open and standardized approach to transmitting and receiving data (SOAP, CIM, XMP, REST, MQTT, etc.)

Device Management – Commissioning, deployment, firmware updates, de-commissioning, device resource management

Robustness – Enterprise system architecture (High availability, redundancy, disaster recovery, virtualization, cloud deployments)

Identity Management – Tools and processes for authentication and authorization, and for granting access to systems when conditions are met

Data streams – Receiving and delivering arrays of data through the interconnected systems

Open Communication – Network and protocol agnostic (G3PLC, RF, GSM, GPRS, LTE, NB-IoT, G5, RS485, Cascade, DLMS/Cosem, 1107, MQTT, SOAP, LwM2M, etc.)

Why Iskraemeco

Iskraemeco’s IoT platform goes further and introduces a variety of valuable features to the hardware and application layers. It provides components for frontend and analytics, on-device data processing, and cloud-based deployment.

IoT platform components

Data concentrators
Electricity meters
Water meters
Gas meters


IoT Platform



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