Iskraemeco Partner Ecosystem
We deliver advanced connectivity, enable LPWA network infrastructure and build a partner ecosystem, integrating thousands of third-party devices and applications using hardware agnostic approach.

Constantly innovating and improving our energy and water solutions with advanced metering, comprehensive data management, services, and customer engagement to meet current and future utilities challenges.




Municipalities, utilities, and industries are embracing IoT solutions to improve operational efficiency, lower investment & maintenance costs, expand data visibility and provide better services to their customers. 

The demand for reliable networks and connectivity solutions increases as HW providers, utilities and cities face a variety of challenges such as the increasing volume of data, the effects of urbanization, the need for total visibility and control over critical infrastructure and the aim to bring in new technologies while managing costs.


Only one way forward – advanced connectivity, extensive network coverage, and a comprehensive IoT system. 

Our goal is to establish an Iskraemeco partner ecosystem in which thousands of meters and IoT devices will be connected to the Iskraemeco network. Our partners’ products, solutions, interfaces and systems will be integrated into SYMBIOT infrastructure for centralized management of all data.

The Iskraemeco partner ecosystem will accelerate the development of smart cities by enabling digital transformation for utilities and municipalities providing them with data for better decision-making, faster problem resolution, and more sustainable operations.

We have already started the transformation of traditional metering infrastructure into smart networks by delivering advanced connectivity and enabling multiple communication interfaces and implementing LPWA network management.

We offer you limitless flexibility, choosing a meter agnostic approach

We have years of experience offering comprehensive (end-to-end) smart energy and water solutions. Our solution packages consist of an assortment of coordinated smart meters with communications capabilities and SYMBIOT software suite for data management: analytics, billing, workforce management, customer engagement, and network optimization.

We offer you limitless flexibility, choosing a meter agnostic approach and providing you with a wide range of connectivity solutions that can be utilized for designing different meter reading systems and networks with various network protocols: mobile meter reading via wM-Bus (OMS) and advanced metering infrastructure with low-power wide-area networks LoRaWAN™, NB-IoT, 3GPP).

Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) is now the solution’s key focus to facilitate smart metering. The LPWA networks are reliable, scalable, and robust and allow for the flexible installation and placement of meters, as well as the efficient operation of sensors and related devices.

The powerful SYMBIOT software suite will serve as a backbone of the Iskraemeco ecosystem, providing our customers with a comprehensive data flow from smart meters and other IoT devices to software, offering single-point management access, reducing costs per metering point, and increasing overall efficiency.

Every Iskraemeco device is compatible with the SYMBIOT software suite. Through a robust SDK (Software Development Kit) or API, seamless integration with third-party meters and IoT devices is possible.

Part of the SYMBIOT software suite is SYMBIOT WATER – an innovative software platform for smart water management. It includes six apps: Symbiot Smart Metering Platform, NB-IoT device management centre, LoRaWAN™ network management centre, Data visualization and analytics, Billing portal, and Customer portal and app. Each app can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with other products depending on the requirements. The SYMBIOT WATER software suite is designed to be used for meter installation, remote reading, maintenance, and configuration of smart meters and other devices.

As modern utilities increasingly evolve into subscription-based business models, we offer our solution in 3 models of managed services: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Smart Metering-as-a-Service (SMaaS) and Infrastructure-as-Service (laaS). Our managed services support a wide range of advanced capabilities such as meter data collecting, analytics, meter data management, customer engagement, and workforce management.

Adoption of our Managed Services will help in reducing price sensitivity, decreasing deployment time, improving cybersecurity, and mitigating the AMI deployment costs. 

We always aim for more!

Our vision is to connect thousands of devices and sensors to the Iskraemeco partner ecosystem, enabling digital transformation and providing our partners with better data-driven insights, quicker responses to any issues, and more efficient operations.

With the acquisition of Holosys, we are one step closer to our goal. By developing a synergy between Iskraemeco’s expertise in energy and water management and Holosys’s expertise in connectivity solutions we will create a holistic ecosystem for our partners, offering broad communication infrastructure, network management capabilities, advanced metering solutions, comprehensive data management, services, and customer engagement to meet their current and future challenges.

The Iskraemeco ecosystem will enable cities, companies, and utilities to collect and analyze data from thousands of IoT devices, supporting an endless number of different use cases starting with smart city and smart water management.

The vast variety of IoT devices can be integrated into an Iskraemeco network, contributing to the development of network communications highways for all smart city applications. This network enables a single Control Center to monitor and manage all IoT devices, permitting seamless integration of any new devices at any time