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Urban Data, Human Response.

A Smart City is an environment of connected buildings and infrastructure that provide data. Those data are collected, processed, and converted into added value for city workers and citizens alike.
Our proprietary Energy IoT Platform forms the core of our Smart City solutions.

We connect our meters and our HES system to Energy IoT, which comes with a dazzling array of data handling tools. These include analytics, data streams, API data access, connected device management, OTA software updates, open communications support, and more.

All sensors and other devices are connected to the platform using one of the following protocols and data structures: REST, MQTT, HTTP Post, JSON, XML. Other protocols can easily be added. Iskraemeco’s hardware is focused on energy meters, e-charging, and street light controllers, while our vast partner network takes the lead for other urban elements.

We also provide services to complement the Energy IoT platform: billing, energy portals, e-mobility, smart home, Smart lightning, customer portals, asset management, and smart grids applications. Our impressive network of partners provides other brilliant solutions, such as: waste management, smart parking, smart city control center, and more!


Making a city a true Smart City is hardly free from challenges. Often many steps must be taken for a city to start reaping the benefits of smart infrastructure. Here are some of the biggest ones:

Unconnected systems: municipal services often operate as separate units, while smart cities operate seamlessly

Low transparency: decisions seem obvious to data controllers, but not to workers and citizens

Poor monitoring: all the sensors in the world won’t do a bit of good if they aren’t regularly monitored

Slow uptake: even cities that opt for smart infrastructure may need a year or two to start seeing differences

Digital security: keeping information on usage and consumption out of the wrong hands


Even though there are many challenges facing cities that opt for smart infrastructure, the benefits always pay off in the long run. Just a few of the major advantages smart communities offer include:

Safety: smart sensors can vastly reduce response rates for police, firefighters, and EMTs, improving citizens’ health

Data-driven decisions: everything from traffic signs to municipal gardening can be decided based on hard data

Increased engagement: smart cities incentivize cooperation with monitoring efforts, making for connected communities

Economic opportunities: all new business models create jobs for communities, and smart cities are no exception

Reduced footprints: smart cities have better air and water quality, lower emissions rates, and reduced heat-island effects


Increased security of the people, object and infrastructure through intelligent interconnected systems.

Optimized consumption of resources (electricity, gas, heat, cooling) through artificial intelligence

Sustainable water consumption through management and monitoring

Waste management efficiency through intelligent systems

Optimized consumption of resources (electricity, gas, heat, cooling) through artificial intelligence

Information and awareness on infrastructure issues through citizen’s portals and digital signage

Improved transportation through intelligent online adaptive systems including traffic light control,
optimized parking systems, optimized public transport.

Minimized emissions

Why Iskraemeco

Although “smart city” implies a wide range of concepts, Iskraemeco focuses on excellence in the following: smart homes, buildings, energy, lightning, e-mobility, and water management.

We provide impeccable infrastructure and highly qualified teams that will help guide you through the design, deployment, and use of any smart city project.

Let us help your city start working for you!

Smart city components

Electricity meters
Water meters
Gas meters
PLC gateway
RF gateway


HES system
MDM system
IoT platform
Water application
Parking applications
Customized application
Asset management
Smart city control center


Installation services
Preventive maintenance services
Consultancy services
SaaS services
SMaaS services
Project management

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