Smart Water
Smart water management
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Digitalized water solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) provide the necessary tools to manage water use, anticipate demand, collect revenue and optimise costs.
Our Smart Water Solution gives utility companies the advantage of sustainable financial and technical operation.

It is layered, starting from an array of coordinated smart meters, through communications and data collection, up to data management and software services for metering, billing, customer engagement, and network optimization. Smart water meters with Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies and advanced analytics have become the solution’s key focus.
The Smart Water Solution can be delivered as a managed service: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Smart Metering-as-a-Service (SMaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The software is hosted in a private or public Cloud.


Our Smart Water Solution address the most important challenges of modern water utilities:

  • Water conservation,
  • Reduction of non-revenue water NRW,
  • Efficient water metering and consumption billing,
  • Revenue collection,
  • Improved customer service and awareness,
  • Efficient utilisation of assets and a mobile workforce.

What utilities stand to gain from Smart Water?

  • Cost optimization (predictability, pay per usage),
  • Efficient processes (economies of scale, shared IT infrastructure),
  • Minimized risks (costs, technology, human resources),
  • Investment protection (evolving operation environment),
  • Cutting-edge competencies, technologies, and tools.

Better control over water utility network through:

  • Accurate metering in all water sources, end consumption points, and district metering areas (DMA).
  • NRW reduction through a DMA approach.
  • Leaks in metering zones (DMA) are detected immediately, reducing material losses:
    • Meter under-registrations, data-handling errors, and water theft of water are flagged.
    • Repairs and regular maintenance are completed more efficiently through workforce management.
  • Improved revenue through NRW reduction
  • Increased customer satisfaction and awareness: decreased interruption of customer water supply and greater billing accuracy.
  • Operational excellence by introducing an efficient workforce and asset management.
Active leakage detection

Water leakage control and a reduction of NRW using the District Metered Areas (DMA) approach.


  • flow, pressure and temperature sensors, mechanial and ultrasonic water meters,
  • battery-powered data loggers,
  • a web software running in the cloud or on-premise installation.
Smart metering and billing

Accurate metering for water sources, district metering areas (DMA), I&C and residential consumers and a robust platform for billing, customer portal & app.


  • residential, bulk, zone and source water meters with communication,
  • battery-powered data loggers,
  • a web software running in the cloud or on-premise installation, customer portal & app.
Smart prepayment

Our Smart Prepayment solution includes RF card, STS prepayment water meters, and vending system integrated with AMI infrastructure.


  • remote prepayment,
  • meter reading,
  • remote control.
Why Iskraemeco

Iskraemeco is a giant in providing managed services. As water utilities increasingly evolve into subscription-based business models, our Smart Water solution is a perfect tool to fit this trend. We excel at water solutions as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), in more comprehensive service agreements also Smart Metering-as-a-Service (SMaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Hosting your software in a private or public cloud, we will provide utility’s with the tools and services they need to keep water flowing and keep billing and operations efficient and worry-free.

Smart water components

DMA flow sensors
DMA pressure sensors
Digital temperature sensors
Residential water meters
Industrial & Commercial (bulk) meters
Main and zone (bulk) meters
wM-Bus modules
LoRaWAN modules
NB-IoT modules
GSM Data loggers


Walk-by / Drive-by
Customer portals & apps
Active leakage detection
Smart prepayment
Asset management
Mobile Workforce Management


Project management
Planning & integration
Rollout & system installation
SaaS operations
SMaaS operations
IaaS operations
Customer support

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