Software Solutions
Data streams are meaningless without powerful tools to manage and analyze them. Our specialized software platform and extensive program suite were built from our decades of experience. Our experts will happily help you maximize your data.
SEP2W System

SEP2W is a powerful tool for automatic collection and processing of smart metering data. Modular and scaleable, it features an exhaustive array of head-end (HES) and basic meter data management (MDM) functions. With seamless integration into your current IT infrastructure, you are just a few clicks away from the most comprehensive and intuitive software suite a utility can use.

MeterRead and MeterView Field

Intuitive tools for technicians working in the field. Used on hand-held devices, these applications read and write to metering devices. They are indispensable tools for technicians to perform deployment and maintenance activities accurately and efficiently.

SEP2 MeterView and Metrologue

Cutting-edge tools for utility engineers to perform a wide range of necessary maintenance and diagnostics. Designed for quick and easy access on all smart devices so engineers can make upgrades and parametrization they need anytime and anywhere.

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