Symbiot Map Feature
With each add-on built on SYMBIOT - our software suite - we endeavor to keep up with the technology and make the user experience better and easier. That is why we are so excited to share our Map Feature
What is Symbiot Map Feature?

As a new feature enabled by Symbiot Operator, we have included device displays on a map depending on their geographical locations.

The new map feature shows a country map with devices clustered per region and granularities dependent on the number of devices in each cluster. The user can search for devices on the map and adjust the zoom level to view the devices based on the displayed viewport. 

A map marker represents the location of one or more devices’ data. When users change the zoom (in/out), the map is loaded to display the device depending on the map’s current viewport, and when you choose a cluster, a notification occurs with the number of devices in the selected cluster. 

Additionally, the user can filter the meters displayed on the map and manage the displayed meters depending on predetermined filters. 

When a user right-clicks on a map marker, a context menu with extra information for a single device appears; the same is true for clustered devices. Users can see general information, breaker status, communication type, and communication status of devices in this manner. 

Furthermore, the user can display a specific device on the map and customize the appearance of a single device marker on the map. 

It is envisaged that future Symbiot editions would include additional improvements.

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