Symbiot – new add-ons and advanced functionalities
May 5, 2022

Symbiot is available with add-ons and advanced functionalities to serve a variety of business cases. Our HES collects data from multiple sources and incorporates the meter agnostic approach. For our MDM, has the ability to analyze data from multiple sources as well and prepare it for higher-level systems.  

The following are the latest enhancements in the software suite:


  • Added authentication API to security hub.
  • Added login, export secrets and execute crypto operations security policies for SecurityHub.
  • Added support for access policies.

MDM Operator updates

  • possibility to view events on a usage point
  • possibility to edit results on usage point
  • possibility to update usage point info
  • the tariff preview page was added
  • work with query groups was added
  • management of custom groups was added
  • icons per usage point type to have a fast overview

The latest version of Symbiot includes a variety of new features and improvements:

  • Added support for the process of data tariffication (aggregation of data and creation of tariffed data according to the valid tariff schema) – streaming and on-demand mode
  • Added marking of delivered data to external system (delivered flag) and also marking for non-valid data (not valid flag)
  • Extension of SOAP integrator to cover usage point related services
  • Export of data to Netorka file format
  • Added support for Mx516 meter working in client mode (dynamic IP)
  • Support for Mx260 (event interpretation and presentations)
  • Support for AC750 HLS mode


Contact us for more information:

If you are not using Symbiot yet, you are invited to schedule a demo session

April 20, 2022
Iskraemeco has acquired a majority stake in Holosys, a provider of IoT and ICT solutions for electricity, water and gas applications.
By combining the companies' resources and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, the new alliance will help expand Iskraemeco's industry-leading portfolio in energy and water management with advanced communications solutions and foster strong partnerships with a broad customer base in the following technical areas: energy, water, industry, infrastructure, and smart cities.
May 11, 2022
Youthful and innovative energy overfloated Iskraemeco
Eight months ago, Iskraemeco invited students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Computer and Information Science and the Faculty of Economics, all of which are part of the interdisciplinary Design Management program, to take part in the Iskraemeco Challenge and gave them an interesting task: How to create value from the data we get from our metering solutions.