Symbiot – new add-ons and advanced functionalities
January 13, 2023

Symbiot is available with add-ons and advanced functionalities to serve a variety of business cases. Our HES collects data from multiple sources and incorporates the meter agnostic approach. For our MDM, has the ability to analyze data from multiple sources as well and prepare it for higher-level systems.  

The following are the latest enhancements in the software suite:


  • Added authentication API to security hub.
  • Added login, export secrets and execute crypto operations security policies for SecurityHub.
  • Added support for access policies.

MDM Operator updates

  • Possibility to view events on a usage point
  • Possibility to edit results on usage point
  • Possibility to update usage point info
  • The tariff preview page was added
  • Work with query groups was added
  • Management of custom groups was added
  • Icons per usage point type to have a fast overview
  • Management of exceptions coming from validation service is now available

The latest version of Symbiot includes a variety of new features and improvements:

  • Added support for the process of data tarification (aggregation of data and creation of tariffed data according to the valid tariff schema) – streaming and on-demand mode.
  • Added marking of delivered data to an external system (delivered flag) and also marked for non-valid data (not a valid flag).
  • Extension of SOAP integrator to cover usage point-related services.
  • Export of data to Netorka file format.
  • Added support for Mx516 meter working in client mode (dynamic IP).
  • Support for Mx260 (event interpretation and presentations).
  • Support for AC750 HLS mode.
  • Added support for handling MBus device attached to a PLC meter communicating with AC750 data-concentrator.
  • Updated performances on the map view, zoom-in and zoom-out are now working normally without major delays.
  • Added method to rename usage point name and ID on SOAP integrator.
  • UsagePointAggregation – combining source results updated (in-memory&on-demand interval).
  • Device Type enumeration updated (image for DeviceType.WaterMeter added).
  • Updated location concepts, now one Address can have multiple GIS coordinates.
  • HES Operator, SLA page – information on ‘last received record time’ added to SLA sections.
  • CoreKMS key retrieval and storage have been optimized for performance and should now scale much better, especially when adding new Listener servers.


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January 12, 2023
Luis Goncalves, CEO of Iskraemeco Group, appointed as new President of ESMIG
We are excited to announce the appointment of Luis Goncalves, CEO of Iskraemeco Group, as the next President of ESMIG.
January 18, 2023
Reaffirming the excellent partnership and collaboration between Iskraemeco and Lackmann
We are extremely delighted to reaffirm the excellent partnership and collaboration between ISKRAEMECO and Lackmann for the past 50 years.