Transforming electricity grid in Abu Dhabi
April 21, 2021

The new project is all about modernizing the electricity network in Abu Dhabi. Two of Abu Dhabi’s electricity distributors – ADDC- Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and AADC – Al Ain Distribution Company; have created a joint committee for the 2-year procurement process to purchase the most advanced smart metering devices, to upgrade their electrical network.

The path of electricity grid modernization in Abu Dhabi started in 2006 as a request for transformation to smart metering. The meters installed then were of an older generation, without integrated communications modules, and are now requiring a significant upgrade. Now, we are in for the second roll-out of smart meters, which will pave the way for the transmission to the IoT world. ADDC started a new journey of grid development and renewal in 2016 and since then Iskraemeco Middle East FZE has become their innovative partner. Iskraemeco Middle East FZE has been able to meet its requirements mainly in terms of features, functions. To match the exact requirements, a greater batch of top-notch products was provided.

The smart meters we delivered will be connected to the SEP2W head-end system platform installed at ADDC. To ensure smooth functioning and installation, we are running tasks to upgrade the system to support all the network equipment. The project may be demanding yet we always manage to find a way to overcome any challenges that arise. Also, this the first initiative where both utilities joined forces to effectively respond to market demands.

Curious how we have approached Abu Dhabi City challenges? Read the rest of the article in the magazine ENGAGE, pg 26.

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April 14, 2021
New final assembly and laboratory in Argentina
Iskraemeco s.r.l. continues with its operations in the LATAM region, expanding the scope of its commercial activity to include productive processes such as final assembly and testing in its own laboratory of all the MT174, MT880-M, ME152-1 and AM550 meters marketed in Argentina.
May 3, 2021
Iskraemeco Ambassador of Slovenian National Campaign of Green, creative and smart economy
We are very pleased to announce that ISKRAEMECO has been selected as AMBASSADOR of SLOVENIAN National Campaign "I FEEL SLOVENIA". GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART.