Walk-by/ Drive-by – Flexible Solution for remote meter reading
Iskraemeco offers the first step towards fully automated meter reading, providing continuous data flow - from the smart water meter to data management systems.

The consumption data from smart water meters is transmitted to a software platform by using Walk-by/Drive-by technology.

Your field staff is simply driving (or walking) by, using vehicle-mounted or hand-held devices to receive the signals from field water meters.

The data collection process is atomized, manual time-consuming readings are eliminated,

and the collected data provide you with an insight into network operation issues, leaks, reverse flows, battery status, fraud attempts, and more.

Drive-by Technology:

With Drive-by technology your field staff can easily collect smart meter data remotely, using a meter reading device installed in a vehicle.

The technology can read and collect the data from a thousand water meters per hour in a suburban area, and even more, meters could be read in densely populated cities.

More than one type of meter can be read simultaneously at the same time on the reading route.

Even data from meters mounted in underground pits and not accessible for manual readings could be collected efficiently & reliably with drive-by solutions.

Drive-by readings are carried out at up to 50km/h.

Configuration profiles and routes are centrally planned, managed, and sent to various mobile devices.

Walk-by Technology:

To capture the data from water meters that are inaccessible to vehicles, we useĀ Walk-By remote meter reading system.

Handheld portable receivers help to collect the meter data, eliminating the need for manual readings and physical inspection of water meters improving operation efficiency, cutting time staff spend in the field and making processes cost-effective.

Walk-by and Drive-by systems defer by the frequencies at which the data is transmitted from the meter and the speed at which the interface can respond to the reading request.

Key benefits

Using our solution, you can collect data from water meters with minimal effort, correctly bill your customers, automate operational processes and enhance your customer satisfaction.

The Walk-by/Drive-by metering approach reduces your costs per metering point and increases overall efficiency.

Our solution is hardware agnostic, the data can be captured from devices made by different manufacturers.

More than one type of meters can be read simultaneously at the same time on the reading route.

The system allows you to receive stored alerts about water flow rates and other meter status issues that may require attention.

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