We count our success in a long-term partnership – Interview with Heinz Lackmann GmbH & Co. KG
November 18, 2020

Interview with John Lackmann, CEO of Heinz Lackmann GmbH & Co. KG: Together we will offer high-class products and superior energy management solutions

Germany has always been one of the core markets for Iskraemeco. We have always had a thorough understanding of the business environment and the needs of our German customers.

More than 15 million of our meters have already been installed in German households. Since 2012, we have delivered almost 4 million ‘lean’ meters to Germany. Regular cooperation with major utilities, such as E.ON, RWE, ENBW and Vattenfall, which gives us a strong presence on the market.
Our partners play an important role in our successful performance in the European market. One such partner is our long-term German partner Heinz Lackmann GmbH & Co. KG, which offers integrated energy solutions and support with an emphasis on electricity. Iskraemeco meters are an important part of its business, as are communication products and solutions for the digitalization of the energy market.

We conducted an interview with our partner John Lackmann

When did you start to collaborate with Iskraemeco and why?

When my father Winfried Lackmann took over the business from my grandfather Heinz Lackmann in the early seventies, he decided to expand our product portfolio to additionally offer new electricity meters for measuring electricity consumption to our German customers.
Therefore, he decided to visit all the major companies producing meters in Germany and abroad. After travelling around a lot, he chose Iskraemeco. On the one hand, he was convinced of the future-proof production plant and their research facilities, while on the other he liked the mentality of the people. Following negotiations on both sides, the cornerstone for a successful long-term partnership was laid in 1975. With Iskraemeco, we found a partner that covers the entire meter portfolio required by the German energy market. We are proud that Iskraemeco is our partner and we are thrilled that we have the opportunity to work with their excellent people. Direct dialogue, as well as professional and personal exchange, promote our mutual success.

How would you describe our partnership?

We value Iskraemeco as a reliable business partner that offers high-quality, diversified and sustainable products. We have practised a balanced partnership from the very outset. Lackmann has a close eye on the German market and we have a thorough understanding of our customers` needs. We are not only a distributor for smart meters in Germany, but we also help to identify and evaluate technical opportunities to enhance products or new electricity meters for the German market. These technological enhancements can frequently be used by Iskraemeco to offer new products to its customers in Europe, South East Asia or elsewhere. A steady interchange of ideas and close collaboration make our partnership successful.


Which important milestones/ projects that we have achieved together would you highlight?

The launch of the eHZ MT671 on the German market in 2006 was an important milestone in our partnership. Since then we have been able to increase our market share of this intelligent solution each year.
In 2007/2008, together with RWE, we started the first full-rollout project of MT371 andMT372 smart meters. A German city with more than 110,000 households received intelligent meters. In 2018, for the first time, Lackmann sold more than 1 million Iskraemeco electricity meters in Germany within one year.

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The interview is an abbreviated version of the interview published in Engage magazine.

You are invited to read the full interview on page 24.

November 16, 2020
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